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Seasonal Truffles

Our service team will be personally shaving the truffle table side according to the amount desired. Any quantity is available.

The White Winter Truffle (Tartufo Bianco d’Alba Tuber Magnatum Pico) $15/gram

Tartufo bianco d'Alba is an extremely rare Italian white truffle.
These ‘Diamonds‘ of the culinary world are nothing short of mesmerizing! This Specific variety has an intense, penetrating aroma, reminiscent of methane or fermented cheese. It lends itself well to being eaten raw with cold and hot dishes. These enhance aromas of the truffles without masking it. This, the King of Truffles produces an aroma and flavour that is gastronomically unique and wonderfully intoxicating.

HARVEST SEASON:From mid-September to mid-January

The Black Winter Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) $5/gram

The Black Winter Truffle is considered to be the King of the black truffles. The distinctive flavour and its sharp aroma make it one of the most expensive, edible mushrooms in the world. It is known to have the most superior, deep earthy aromas and flavours of black truffles, and is so called the “black diamond” of the table because of its divine taste. It is considered among the most luxurious truffles, and some prefer it to the more famed Tuber Magnatum Pico (White Truffle).

HARVEST SEASON:From mid-November to mid-March in Europe, mid-June to mid-August in Australia

Black Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum) $4/gram

The Italian Black Summer truffle's fruiting body has a rough, alligator skin-like surface covered with small diamond-shaped projections, molded by the stones surrounding it in the soil. When mature, the Italian Black Summer truffle is near black on the surface, with a pale, grey flesh with white marbling throughout. It has a rich woodsy aroma with flavors of garlic, wild mushroom and earthy hazelnut undertones.
”Purist Style” and is all about staying as true as possible to the subtle taste of Summer Truffles. This is a route that many Michelin starred chefs choose to take, it’s not as simple because it requires more creativity and research to find ingredients that will pair beautifully with Summer Truffles and adorn their flavor instead of overpowering it.

HARVEST SEASON:From mid-May to the end of August.

Burgundy Truffle (Tuber Uncinatum) $4/gram

Apart from the autumn truffle or tuber uncinatum, Burguady truffles must be given their own individual importance.
Black on the outside, like its summer and winter sisters, but with much more marked warts, and different variations of brown on the inside.
Its aroma, much more intense than that of summer, more earthy like roasted coffee, with its flavor being very powerful.
It is born in limestone soils like the other truffles, in more mountainous regions that have more intense rainfall and in colder shady areas with greater water availability.

HARVEST SEASON:From mid-September to the end of December.

The Whitish Truffle (Bianchetto Tuber Borchii) $4/gram

This truffle resembles Tuber Magnatum (White Truffle) in appearance when young, and is similar in aroma and taste when mature.
Sometimes referred to as “White Summer Truffle” due to the light flesh of still unripe specimens. The ripe summer truffle has a pale beige to hazelnut color.
Bianchetto truffles fare well in cooking because the heating process releases the wonderful truffle flavor. A simple spring truffle omelet, pasta, or risotto is a great way to experience rich flavors.

HARVEST SEASON:From mid-January to mid-April.

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