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Truffles are revered as one of the three most coveted Western delicacies, along with foie gras and caviar.  There are over 100 types of truffles documented but less than 10 are edible and are roughly categorized as either black truffles or white truffles.  The five main types of black truffles include summer, autumn, winter, Himalayan and Perigord while the two varieties of white truffles are Piedmont and Bianchetto.


The scent of mature truffles is intense yet sensual, almost replicating animal pheromones which is why female pigs are instinctually drawn to them.  However, since pigs will consume the truffles they unearth, dogs are trained to seek them instead.  Nonetheless, because of this pheromonal effect, truffles have been regarded historically as aphrodisiacs, dating back to B.C.


Here at Margotto Hawai’i, our extensive sources deliver the finest truffles from around the world so you may enjoy them at their peak.  Our seasonal selections also vary based on weekly harvests and micro-climates, so we encourage you to contact us regularly to experience our ever-changing menu that highlights the intricate nuances of the venerated fungi.


truffle prices are based on weight, and are subject to change based on harvest and seasonability, please inquire.

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