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Special Krug Dinner with Krug Grande Cuvee and Krug Rose, and wines of Chuck's choice

Each year, Krug challenges the 112 Ambassador Chefs from around the world to showcase their culinary acumenin preparing dishes incorporating a single ingredient that pairs best with the latest Krug Grand Cuvée/ Krug Rosé.

This year It is LEMON Krug choose!

Among all the ambassador chef, our Chef Kenta was chosen as one of 20 to be featured on the front cover of the bookcalled ’The Zest is yet to come’ by Krug, and was even chosen one of 12 that were invited to Brazil for further shooting of Official Krug video which you will be able to see on Krug instagram and web site in the near future

Menu for the event will be
Squid and caviar tart with lemon
Toki salmon and tomato tart with lime
Wagyu bresaola and sea urchin tart with finger lime
Caviar monaka
Hairy crab and mushroom galette
Risotto of clams
Chilled capellini with potatoes, uncured ham
Roasted lamb with lemon confit, basil and cumin-flavored caponata, Madeira sake sauce
Lemon Lemon Lemon dessert layered with lemon sorbet, lemon cream, lemon zest, and crumbl

Krug Grand Cuvee and Rose will be paired with the appetizer and protein course, other wines to be paired by
Hawaii’s first master sommelier Chuck Furuya as always


Please make your reservation at OpenTable.


Prosciutto Yourself!

Our new customer experience course has started.
With Italian Berkel, old style hand prosciutto slicer, enjoy slicing paper thin prosciutto by yourself. We will help take photos and videos for you to impress your friends with experience very little people have.
Berkel hand slicer slices prosciutto into paper thin, since it’s so thin, fat starts to melt rapidly which brings out extra umami, and when you put them into your mouth, you feel like ham is melting! Perfectly matches with champagnes, but we have some interesting pairing ideas too.
If you love prosciutto, this is the way it should be. Enjoy being a ham slice master @$30

Events that have ended

417 Alan Wongフィード.png



The special dinner on May 10 will include signature plates, recipe trades, and wine pairing prepared by Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya

HONOLULU – As the last of the winter black truffles are consumed, and the world enters a period in which fresh truffles will be out of season and unavailable, Margotto Hawaii announces its first celebrity chef collaboration with one of the founders of Hawaii Regional Cuisine movement, Chef Alan Wong.  Margotto Hawaii Executive Chef Kenta Kayama will be present for this uber-special $485 degustation on Wednesday, May 10, with wine pairing prepared and served by Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya

The 8-course meal will include a classic favorite from each of the two chefs, as well as a signature presentation swap whereby each chef will reinterpret the other’s recipe, imparting a different twist into that dish.  There will be some infusions of truffles, but through thoughtful preservation, such as infusions in honey and other ingredients.  Only one seating will be available that night, starting at 6:00 p.m.  However, the special menu will continue to be served at Margotto Hawaii until May 16.

“Margotto Hawaii Executive Chef Kenta Kayama and I have dreamed of doing a collaboration dinner since our inception, and the amazing chemistry between Chef Kayama and Chef Alan Wong, made everything seem organic,” says Robert Hori, owner of Margotto Hawaii.  “We are honored that Chef Alan Wong agreed to bring his talent and skills to our kitchen in crafting what will be one of the most talked about meals of the year.”


Reservations are available on OpenTable.  

For more information, visit the call (808) 592-8500.  

413 母の日Menuフィード-2.jpg


Mother's Day Special

Cherish and spoil your mother with Margotto Hawaii's Mother's Day special menu.

☆ Black Abalone Fritto with Liver Sauce
☆ Snow Crab Shabu-Shabu
☆ Marinated Japanese Scallops with kombu & Beluga Caviar
☆ Mushroom tart
☆ Sunny side-up toast
☆ Duck Risotto with Foie Gras
☆ Sauteed Lobster with Herb and Lime
☆ A5 Wagyu Sukiyaki with Rice
☆ Coconut Dessert, special instruction by Alan Wong
☆ Cream Puff

$298++ (Seasonal Italian Summer Black Truffle, Homemade French Winter Black Truffle butter included)

Please make your reservation at OpenTable.



Chuck’s Supper Club

The first master sommelier in Hawaii, Chuck Furuya and Chef Kenta and chef Yohei of Margotto will have a special wine pairing event on 4/24 6PM~

Enjoy the special menu, mostly Italian this night, and Chuck’s profound talk about wines with lots of laughter. With much requests, we include A5 wagyu Sukiyaki rice! For reservation, pls go to OpenTable or visit our web site.

Please make your reservation at OpenTable.



Antinori Wine Dinner

Welcoming Silvio di Silvio from Antinori, one of the best winery from Italy, and Roberto Viernes, one of the only 4 master sommelier in Hawaii will pair and guide your night at Margotto Hawaii.
Our Executive Chef Yohei Yagishita will prepare 11 courses of French/Italian/Japanese dishes to best enjoy the beautiful italian wines from Antinori. Price includes 15 gram of winter black truffle from Perigord France, wine pairing. Limited to 33 guests, please hurry up for reservation on OpenTable.

Eleven-Course Degustation

Including 15g of Black Winter Truffles

and Antinori Wine Parings

featuring Tenuta Guado al Tasso

$375 per guest ++
limited to 33 guests


Chuck’s Supper Club reservation info for January to March 2023

We are happy to announce, with much interest among our dear guests, we now open reservation for Chuck’s supper club for the 1st quarter 2023.

This year, it is said to be one of the best year for WINTER black truffle from Perigord, Framce.  We hope you enjoy the rich taste of WINTER black truffle with carefully selected wines by Chuck.

Chuck’s Supper Club is a monthly series of thematic dinners that pairs the cuisine by Executive Chef Kenta Kayama, Yohei Yagishita with wine pairings curated by one of Hawaii’s beloved Master Sommeliers, Chuck Furuya.


with Group Executive Chef Kenta Kayama ‘Back to Hawaii with tons of new inspiration’ 



with Executive Chef Yohei Yagishita ‘French on Japanese and Italian culinary technique’ 



with Executive Chef Yohei Yagishita ‘artist/chef collab dinner, infinite possibility’  


Dinner starts at 6:30pm, price inclusive of truffle, chef tasting menu, wine pairing.

No BYOB, please try to arrive 10min before.

Additional 20% service charge that substitutes gratuity.

margotto caviar-2_edited.jpg

12/26 - 2023/1/6

New Year Celebration!

12/26-1/6, we offer special Krug champagne and caviar pairing

1)a whole can of Beluga caviar 1,7oz(50g) and a bottle of Krug MV#170 for $540 (menu price $620)

2)our signature Caviar Monaka with a glass of Krug MV#170 for $120 (menu price $140)

Xmas Course.jpg


3 Christmas special 11 course chef tasting menu with 3 celebratory foods (truffle, caviar, foie gras)

Inclusive of seasonal truffle and wine pairing

Want to have White Christmas holiday in Hawaii? Here’s our white Christmas, black Christmas, white and black Christmas special plan 12/19-25
truffles, foie gras, caviar, wines all inclusive. We’ll make sure you will be happily drunk!!

White(truffle) Christmas in Hawaii  $500

Black(truffle) Christmas in Hawaii   $300

Black and White Christmas in Hawaii $400



HONOLULU – Margotto Hawaii recently welcomed its Michelin-trained group executive chef Kenta Kayama to Honolulu.  The tasting menu at the newly opened truffle-centric restaurant will take the next step in its evolution as the accomplished culinarian seeks out local farms for the best ingredients Hawaii has to offer.  This happens just in time for the arrival of the aromatic white truffles from Italy, which make their arrival in Hawaii on Tuesday, September 13.


With Chef Yohei Yagishita continuing to support his mentor for the next few months, Kayama brings his culinary wisdom to the islands.  After attending the “Ecole Culinaire Heisei” in Tokushima, Japan, Kayama worked for some of the most illustrious chefs in Japan such as Toru Kawano at Monna Lisa, Joël Robuchon at the two Michelin-starred L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Ryuta Iizuka at the two Michelin-starred Ryuzu, Shuzo Kishida of the three Michelin French restaurant Quintessence, and the man he truly regards as his mentor, Hiroyuki Kanda of the three Michelin kaiseki restaurant Motoazabu Kanda.  Some of the new dishes on the menu include an unagi (fresh water eel) grilled right at the table served in a buckwheat crepe with truffles and with Akitakomachi rice and seaweed butter with truffles.


Kayama is not the only stellar arrival to Hawaii.  White truffles, which grow wild in the forests in Italy, such as around Alba, a small Piemontese township in Italy, will begin to grace the menu at Margotto Hawaii.  These pale golden gems sought after for their beautiful aromatics are normally much pricier than their French and Tasmanian winter black truffle counterparts.  Unlike the Burgundian black summer truffles which were available for just $1.00 per gram at the opening of Margotto Hawaii in June, and the Tasmanian winter black truffles which retailed for $3.75 per gram throughout the summer (which was winter in Tasmania), the white truffles will command a premium price of $7.50 per gram in September, which is about 30-50% of the price found at other local restaurants offering truffle supplements.  The price may change weekly from October, contingent upon market price, harvest quantities, and price forecasts.  However, the cost structure improved compared to the previous year when the harvest was scarce and resulting prices were much higher.


“White truffles are extremely limited in quantity but express optimal fragrance,” shares Robert Hori, owner of Margotto Hawaii.  “No truffles are born equal, as white truffles are highly sought after by true gourmets for their earthy bouquet and delicate flavors.  Besides having a short shelf life, they are extremely difficult to grow and take many years to cultivate, requiring a particular type of climate surrounded by oak trees in order to thrive.  By leveraging our sources to negotiate reasonable prices and using our experience in managing our inventory, we plan to share our fresh supplies with customers at extremely competitive prices, making them affordable luxuries.”


Margotto Hawaii is located at 514 Piikoi Street, between Ichiriki and El Burrito.  The restaurant will be open from 5:00 to 10:30 p.m. Thursday through Tuesday, closed Wednesdays.  A few parking stalls are available adjacent to the restaurant, with street parking conveniently located nearby.  Attire is resort casual, with shirt and footwear required.


call     (808) 592-8500


Now, the Krug Ambassador restaurant is introducing “Chuck’s Supper Club,” a monthly series of thematic dinners that pairs the cuisine by Group Executive Chef Kenta Kayama and Hawaii Executive Chef Yohei Yaghishita with wine pairings curated by one of Hawaii’s beloved Master Sommeliers, Chuck Furuya.  The dinners will be held on the third or fourth Monday of every month.



Discriminating palates will anticipate the dinner on Monday, September 26, as Chuck Furuya hosts a special dinner showcasing Old World premium wines.  A awe-inspiring menu accented by the venerated Italian white truffle from Alba will complement an ostentatious display of illustrious wines culminating in a finale of white truffle shavings in a glass of Chateau d’Yquem Sauternes for $750 per person plus service fees and taxes.

To book reservations

for “Chuck’s Supper Club,”




Then, on Monday, August 15, the culinary team at Margotto Hawaii will collaborate with Chuck Furuya to showcase truffle specialty dishes masterfully paired with boutique wines discovered by Furuya through years of research and travels throughout the world.  This unique and special opportunity is designed to be an enjoyable, thought-provoking experience for the true food and wine connoisseur priced at $400 per person plus service fees and taxes.



The inaugural dinner on Monday, July 18 will start with the signature beluga caviar monaka, and feature a host of inspired menu presentations such as Kona kampachi tartare, sauteed Big Island abalone, Kona lobster bouillabaisse, and wagyu sirloin, paired with old world wines.

About 20 grams of winter black truffles from Tasmania will be shaved over a number of presentations, making the nine-course degustation worthwhile for $200, with the illustrious wine pairing an additional $200 per person, plus service fees and taxes.


Winter black truffles arrived from Tasmania Australia



Grand opening celebration featuring Krug Champagne

We will offer a glass of Krug Grande Cuvee #169 in our bar accompanied by paper thin-sliced Prosciutto di Parma to start your evening.          $50


Krug Grande Cuvée was born from the dream of one man, Joseph Krug, to craft the very best Champagne he could offer every single year, regardless of annual variations in climate.  Since 1843, the House of Krug honored this vision with each new edition of Krug Grande Cuvée, the most brilliant expression of Champagne.


Krug Grande Cuvée is re-created every year transcending the notion of vintages, blending over 120 individual wines from more than 10 different years in each bottle.  Its full-bodied texture, articulate flavors, and enticing aromas may only be achieved by the meticulous art of blending, expressions that are virtually impossible to craft through wines born from a single year.



Soft opening 

With limited menu.

Please inquire.


5/10 Collbo Dinner
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