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Our Story

Margotto e Baciare was launched in Tokyo in September 2014 amidst great acclaim.  The restaurant’s innovative approach allowing patrons to shave their own truffle on each course immediately captivated the adoration of the most discerning diners in Tokyo.  The Kayama Brothers, the chef duo helming the kitchen, crafted a variety of presentations that enable customers to relish the optimal deliciousness that exudes from each ingredient, prepared at the perfect temperature and with the right aromatics. 


This impeccably memorable experience is now available in Hawaii.  We invite you to savor the symbiosis of traditional Japanese cuisine and modern French culinary sensibilities as they are manifested in dynamic dishes that pay proper homage to the bounty of fresh local ingredients.


Kenta Kayama

Margotto e Baciare Group Executive Chef
Krug ambassador 


Yohei Yagishita

Margotto Hawaii Executive Chef

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